Dr. Robie Macdonald Receives the 2014 Northern Science AwardDr. Robie Macdonald, 2014 Northern Science Award Laureat
The recipient of the 2014 Northern Science Award is marine geochemist Dr. Robie Macdonald. The award was presented at a ceremony prior to the Annual Dinner of the Fellows of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, on November 19th in Ottawa. Dr. Macdonald’s research on contaminants in the Arctic Ocean has been crucial for northerners who rely on fish and marine mammals for food. The Northern Science Award recognises a significant contribution to knowledge and understanding of the Canadian North and the transformation of knowledge into action.

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International Arctic Science and Technology Collaboration and Engagement WorkshopInternational Arctic Science and Technology Collaboration and Engagement Workshop
The Canadian Polar Commission and the Canadian High Arctic Research Station recently hosted an International Arctic Science and Technology (S&T) Collaboration and Engagement Workshop involving Canadian and international polar research institutions. Bringing together 100 participants, this workshop facilitated the sharing of current and future Arctic S&T priorities to explore opportunities to enhance bilateral cooperation between Canadian and international polar research institutions. It took place on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 on the margins of the international Arctic Change 2014 Conference in Ottawa.

Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) Canada Results BulletinSustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) Canada Results Bulletin
The first issue of the Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) Canada Results Bulletin is now online. This bulletin, developed in partnership with the Canadian chapter of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS), communicates results from monitoring and assessment projects in the Canadian North and highlights their links to policy.

State of Environmental Monitoring in Northern Canada Report
In support of SAON Canada, the Canadian Polar Commission has recently completed an analysis of the current state of environmental monitoring in northern Canada in order to identify gaps in coverage and recommend how these may be addressed. The preliminary draft is available for download here.

Arctic Inspiration prizeArctic Inspiration prize
"to recognize excellence and encourage teamwork among diverse groups in order to use or expand Arctic knowledge and bring it into action for the decisive benefit of the Canadian Arctic, its inhabitants and therefore for Canada as a whole"
The 2014 Arctic Inspiration Prize Awards Ceremony was held on Wednesday, 10 December in Ottawa, in conjunction with the international Arctic Change 2014 conference. The laureate for 2014 is FOXY (Fostering Open eXpression among Youth).


The State of Northern Knowledge in Canada

cover of State of Northern Knowledge ReportNew: Compendium of topic summaries

This wide-ranging new report on the state of northern knowledge in Canada analyses the significant gains made since the beginning of International Polar Year 2007 with a view to determining today’s high-level research opportunities.  Focussing on the perspectives of northerners, it highlights new knowledge that can be used to address many of the issues northerners have identified as important.

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