Northern Research Facilities2014 Canada – US Northern Oil and Gas Research Forum
The Northern Oil and Gas Research Forum is a biennial meeting with representation from government, industry, academia, Aboriginal groups and northerners from both Canada and the United States.

CNNROCanadian Network of Northern Research Operators (CNNRO)
The Canadian Network of Northern Research Operators (CNNRO) is a forum for operators of the many research facilities scattered across the Canadian Arctic and Subarctic.

SAONSustaining Arctic Observing Networks
The purpose of Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) is to enhance Arctic-wide observing activities by facilitating partnerships and synergies among existing observation and data management activities, and to promote sharing and synthesis of data and information.

Polar Knowledge AppPolar Knowledge App
Use this app to get information from across the spectrum of polar knowledge – from Canada and the circumpolar world. Connect with Arctic and Antarctic experts, find out who is doing polar research and where, locate polar science infrastructure and monitoring sites. Learn about northern communities. Check out the Polar Blog or find out about upcoming conferences, workshops and more with the Calendar of Polar Events.

The Polar BlogThe Polar Blog
Produced jointly by the Canadian Polar Commission and Canadian Geographic Magazine, the Polar Blog will feature the work of Canadian researchers on topics that span the spectrum of polar knowledge.


The State of Northern Knowledge in Canada

cover of State of Northern Knowledge ReportThis wide-ranging new report on the state of northern knowledge in Canada analyses the significant gains made since the beginning of International Polar Year 2007 with a view to determining today’s high-level research opportunities.  Focussing on the perspectives of northerners, it highlights new knowledge that can be used to address many of the issues northerners have identified as important.

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What is the Canadian Polar Commission?

 It's Canada’s primary polar knowledge agency. And it also:

• is a point of contact with the Canadian and international polar scientific communities;

• works with Canadian and international institutions to determine scientific and other priorities;

• encourages and facilitates cooperation and collaboration in polar knowledge;

• provides advice to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development.

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