Dr. Robie Macdonald Receives the 2014 Northern Science Award

Ottawa, November 19 2014

The Canadian Polar Commission is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2014 Northern Science Award is Dr. Robie Macdonald. The award was presented at a ceremony prior to the Annual Dinner of the Fellows of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, on November 19th in Ottawa, Ontario.

Dr. Robie Macdonald, one of the world’s leading marine geochemists, has won international respect for his innovative, rigorous, and groundbreaking research using geochemistry to understand earth and ocean processes. As Head of Marine Environmental Quality at Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s Institute of Ocean Sciences, Dr. Macdonald’s work spans a gamut that includes trace metals in lake and coastal marine sediments, chemical and biochemical impacts of underwater mine tailing discharges, the fate of pulp-mill derived dioxins and furans in coastal waters and sediments, and Arctic Ocean hydrography. His key insights into the cycling of contaminants in the Arctic Ocean have been crucial for northerners who rely on fish and marine mammals for food.

The Northern Science Award comprises the Centenary Medal, which commemorates the hundredth anniversary of first International Polar Year (1882-1883), and a cash prize of $10,000. It is presented annually to an individual or a group who has made a significant contribution to meritorious knowledge and understanding of the Canadian North and, in the spirit of the last International Polar Year (2007-2008), recognizes the transformation of knowledge into action.

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