Canadian Polar Commission Board of Directors Meet in Inuvik and Yellowknife and Discuss State of Northern Knowledge

Ottawa, Ontario (July 18 2013)

Recently, the Canadian Polar Commission (CPC) Board of Directors met in Inuvik and Yellowknife to review progress and assess observations received from respondents participating in CPC’s initiative to develop a “State of Northern Knowledge” report to be released later this year.  The Report is intended to provide a snap shot of northern knowledge following the International Polar Year effort, expressed in terms of issues, gains and gaps, the analysis of which will culminate in a prioritized list of research opportunities deserving of particular attention by policy and decision makers.

While in Inuvik and Yellowknife, the Board also met with key regional and local representatives to better understand their priorities, challenges and views on key northern issues.  Of note, the Board met with Northwest Territories (NWT) Minister of Finance, Environment and Natural Resources, The Honourable J. Michael Miltenberger to discuss numerous current issues, including the NWT Lands and Resources Devolution Agreement.

 The Commission continues to assertively implement its Strategic Plan (2012-15) which focuses on 3 priority areas:  Activating and building networks to aggregate polar knowledge; synthesizing polar knowledge to identify opportunities, issues and trends; and, communicating polar knowledge and its synthesis effectively. In addition, the Commission recently assumed the administration of the Northern Scientific Training Program (NSTP) and was successful in allocating 2013-14 funding to approximately 400 student recipients, allowing them to begin their summer field research.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. David J. Scott
Executive Director
Canadian Polar Commission
(613) 943-8605